Elon Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner: Stock Packaging (10 gm Tube)

Elon Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner: Stock Packaging (10 gm Tube)

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Elon Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner is dermatologist-recommended and helps with a variety of nail problems such as cracking, splitting, peeling, thin, brittle, or difficult to grow nails.

The gentle and conditioning formula is infused with oxquinoline to strengthen and thicken cuticle fibers. Emollient lanolin assists in the natural and smooth regrowth of nails. 

How to Apply

Severe Problem Nails: Remove nail polish. Apply 4 times daily. (More if desired). Massage into the entire nail, cuticle and matrix area (the skin area behind the cuticle where new nails form). Nails will begin to grow faster in 2-3 weeks. Continue using for at least six months for optimal results.

Mild Problem Nails: Apply 2-4 times daily. (More if desired). Follow directions above. Once nails are at the desired strength and health, follow the maintenance below.

Maintaining Healthy Nails: Apply once daily. If using nail polish, be sure to rub the nail conditioner into the cuticles and matrix area. This will help the cuticle and aid new nail growth.



Lanolin, Petrolatum, Beeswax, Sodium Borate, Oxyquinoline, Aromatics